Monday, April 6, 2009

music makes the people come together

i was going through my itunes today because i had homework to do and of course organizing music is more important than my grades. anyways, i was looking at my top 25 and was surprised that all the songs on it were actually my songs. my old ipod was used by other people more often than me. half the music i put on for others i never even listened to. and since these people had only two songs each that they liked on my ipod, and they listened to them repeatedly throughout the entire bus ride, my music was pushed further down the list. but with this ipod, no one but me ever listens to it. and i realized that my top 25 is very undiverse.

1. your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
2. boomerang - steven strait
3. half lit - steven strait
4. never said anything - steven strait
5. smart in a stupid way - steven strait
6. sweet tangerine - the hush sound
7. house lights - steven strait
8. i've just seen a face - the beatles
9. fix you - coldplay
10. where we went wrong - the hush sound
11. the man who can't be moved - the script
12. breakeven - the script
13. we cry - the script
14. one thing leads to another - steven strait
15. stuck in a moment you can't get out of - u2
16. this is for keeps - the spill canvas
17. we intertwined - the hush sound
18. this is living - steven strait
19. love is gone - david guetta
20. before the worst - the script
21. anybody there - the script
22. pure example - steven strait
23. the end is where i begin - the script
24. i'm yours - the script
25. the dutch courage - the spill canvas

see?? its like the same 5 bands/singers repeated a million times.

*Music - Madonna

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  1. lol sarah. you still listen to the spill canvas?
    my hard drive crashed, and i lost all my music. so my new itunes is a little skewed. but the top three have remained the same.
    1. lovestoned interlude - justin timberlake
    2. all hail the heartbreaker - the spill canvas
    3. lifehouse - everything