Friday, April 10, 2009

the lions roar and young men soar

today my sister and i took my mom and brothers to the circus. it was all of our first time, surprising since we're pretty old. anyways, it was a lot of fun. i wasnt a big fan of the animal acts - who knew i had an animal rights activist hidden away inside me. but i thought they were more cruel to the animals than fun to look at. seeing a line of elephants struggle to bow down and roll over made me wince in sympathy rather than cheer. elephants and horses and tigers shouldnt be doing those kind of things - cool as they might be.

i also decided to add another thing to the list of things i really want to do but never will. join a circus. i dont even have to be one the performers, though having a talent like that would be pretty awesome. but just travelling around all the time with them would be cool. i'm a big fan of the traveling. going places - anywhere at all - is awesome. driving in a car, flying in a plane, sailing in a boat, i don't care how, as long as i'm going. it doesnt even matter where, cuz its not the destination its the journey itself that im obsessed with.

and circus people have to be the most interesting people ever. i mean, they come from everywhere, travel everywhere, and can do amazing things. that in itself is enough reason to join a circus. imagine talking to a man who can juggle on a unicycle, having lunch with a tightrope walker, getting coffee with a wild animal trainer. who wouldnt want to do that??

hmm maybe this is the answer to all my problems. instead of worrying about what i want to do with my future, i'll graduate and join the circus. isnt that like the epitome of running away from responsibility?? works for me...

*Lions Roar - The Hush Sound


  1. you should read: water for elephants by sara gruen
    i liked it, but that might be because i bought it in the airport before a trip to sudan and had nothing else to read for two months

  2. i just bought a bunch of books from amazon, but i'll definitely get it with my next order.